The Music of inTime: Production Insights

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inTime is a rhythm-based music listening method developed to influence brain performance, to help you keep your beat, and flow with the rhythms of life.  Created by the experts, inTime is an organic compilation of original compositions, based on a blend of world music with diverse percussion, string, and wind instrumentation, which accents the power of rhythm and sound frequencies.
As part of the research and development process for inTime over 100 instruments were individually recorded and visually spectrally analyzed for their unique characteristics before producer, composer and instrumentalist Nacho Arimany composed each musical piece.
They were catalogued on a detailed instrument map by instrument group, frequency range, and geographic origin.  This painstaking process was done to guide the composition and performance of each musical piece so that it could be produced to meet the very specific objectives for the project.
The following videos were taking during the making of inTime. Watch Nacho Arimany working with producers Sheila Allen, Alex Doman, and audio engineer Derek Keith in the instrument cataloging process. 

Videos of inTime Instrument Cataloging

The world music of inTime is entirely composed and played by Nacho Arimany, who brings his distinctive blending of rhythms and instrumentation, old and new, from cultures and regions across the globe. inTime’s signature sound is achieved through masterful emphasis of orchestrated percussive rhythms and specified sound frequencies as the basis for a rich melodic and harmonic structure. Recordings were done in High Definition sound within natural acoustic space to capture the sound and spirit of over 100 instruments; including membranous drums from West Africa and the Middle East, clay drums from Nigeria, South India, and South America, seed instruments from Colombia and Brazil, Malian calebasses, Vietnamese wooden frogs, Peruvian/Flamenco cajons, Tibetan bowls and crotales, Indian bells, and Mexican whistles,  along with cymbals, gongs, guitar, charango, harp, piano, body percussion, voice, and much more. Combined, they create the beautiful, powerful, and effective music of inTime.
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